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22.04.2020 Online
BBI JU Info Day
The seventh BBI JU Info Day will present the 2020 call for proposals and give participants the opportunity to hold pre-arranged face-to-face meetings.

Throughout the day, the BBI JU's Programme Office staff will be available to answer questions about the application process and call procedures. The participants will also have the opportunity to speak to representatives from BBI JU's founding partners and Member States, as well as exchange views with entities in synergy with BBI JU.

There will be plenty of informal networking opportunities throughout the event.

Registration for the event and face-to-face meetings will open in February. Both of them are compulsory and free of charge.
27.04.2020 Aachen
Sustainable Plastics - Joining CCU, Circular Economy and Power-to-X for better Polymers
Carbon4PUR and CO2Exide invite you to discuss a potential circular value chain concept for polyurethanes +++ Focusing on CO2 as a raw material for sustainable chemistry +++ Dialogue between civil society, science and politics with industry +++ Covestro board member announced as guest +++

The days when CO2 was just a waste product of industry are long gone. State-of-the-art CCU technology is paving the way to a sustainable, oil-free future. Our aim is to reuse carbon from CO and CO2 as a raw material for sustainable epoxides and polyurethanes.
New approaches are dealing with the challenges and opportunities of turning our linear throw-away society into a Circular Economy, in which ultimately all plastics are recycled.
These are the core elements of the Projects CO2Exide, Carbon4PUR and PUReSmart, which have already achieved significant results. The joint symposium "Sustainable Plastics - Joining CCU, Circular Economy and Power-to-X for better Polymers" offers the opportunity for detailed insights into the research projects.

Subsequent roundtable discussions will focus on the necessary regulations, social acceptance and green electricity as preconditions and enablers for carbon-neutral chemistry. The symposium will end with a panel discussion with Sucheta Govil (CCO Covestro), Professor Walter Leitner (Professor RWTH Aachen), Eric de Coninck (LIS Project Manager ArcelorMittal), Maximilian Fleischer (Chief Key Expert Siemens Energy), Soren Bowadt (European Commission), and Sophie Wilmet (CEFIC).

Date: Monday, April 27, 2020, 10.00 am – 4.30 pm
Location: SuperC conference room of RWTH Aachen University, Templergraben 57, 52062 Aachen (Germany)
Host: Carbon4PUR und CO2Exide
Costs: Free of charge. You can attend the symposium at no further costs. Registration required.

12.05.2020 - 13.05.2020 Köln
13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials
Success Stories and Upcoming Technological Breakthroughs in the Bioeconomy.
Despite the challenging environment, innovative companies find markets for their new bio-based building blocks, chemicals and polymers. We will introduce you to the success stories and upcoming technological breakthroughs our planet needs for a sustainable future. Bio-based polymers can be found in almost all application sectors, such as packaging, consumer goods, toys, automotive, textiles or coating. New bio-based building blocks are also available for body care, cosmetics, food ingredients and pharmaceuticals. On top of that, more and more biogenic side streams from the food industry are utilised via biotechnology as part of the circular bioeconomy.

The conference will focus on a number of key issues: The wide range of fine chemicals in body care, cosmetics, food ingredients and pharmaceuticals, biorefineries and especially lignin utilisation, which is facing technological breakthroughs, and finally the opportunities and risks arising worldwide from new legal frameworks to limit the negative consequences of conventional plastics. How can this become an opportunity for bio-based polymers? Every year the Innovation Award “Bio-based Material of the Year” is given to the most innovative material and product on the market. In 2020, six companies will be nominated by an expert jury, out of which the winner will be chosen by the conference participants. Join one of the biggest B2B events of the year and experience the most exciting new developments and strategies in bioeconomy. We will introduce you to the success stories and upcoming technological breakthroughs our planet needs for a sustainable future.
16.06.2020 - 17.06.2020 Köln
EIHA Hemp Conference
The conference is the largest business meeting for all sectors of the hemp and cannabis industry, bringing together professionals from around the world to discuss the latest developments in hemp applications for fibres, shives, seeds and oil and cannabinoids. Applications include automotive and construction, biocomposites, textiles, feed & food, food supplements and pharmaceuticals.

The hemp and cannabis sector continues to show very great potential, but there are still many barriers to overcome. The conference will not only focus on the latest technologies, market figures and business transactions, but also on joint strategies for achieving fair rules for CBD- and THC-containing products in different sectors.
17.06.2020 - 18.06.2020 Halle (Saale)
9th International Bioeconomy Conference



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