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25.11.2020 Online
CLIB Forum Event: "Biotechnology and Textiles"
The textiles industry has a significant environmental footprint, ranking fourth in product categories with the greatest environmental impact. At the same time, we all use fibres and textiles, from the clothes we wear, to the carpet under our feet, from the seats on public transit (or cars) to the masks we wear to protect each other from Covid-19.

Large brand owners in the textile sector are actively promoting their activities and pledges towards sustainability and climate protection. But where will the necessary sustainable processes and materials come from? Which innovations are in the pipeline, how can they be brought to scale, and will they prove truly sustainable and economically viable?

In this CLIB online forum event we will hear from researchers and experts about the use of enzymes in the textiles industry, about current research, and future plans.
03.12.2020 Online
7th Biorizon Annual Event on Bio-Aromatics
December 3rd, Biorizon Shared Research Center hosts its 7th annual event online. Major industrial players, small to medium sized enterprises, government officials and research and technology organizations from all over the world will join Biorizon to discuss the latest progress in the field of bio-aromatics and to elaborate on opportunities to accelerate biobased business together.

Over the past years, this event has evolved into a must-attend event for anyone who's interested in renewable aromatics. Last edition attracted 156 participants from 14 countries that engaged in 180 matchmaking sessions and valued the event with an 8.3.

What to expect from this year's online annual event on 3 December:

1.A highly condensed, interactive 1:30h plenary webinar that features the progress that Biorizon has made in the scaling up of the production of bio-aromatics with premium properties. Plus a keynote speech of a major brand owner you don't want to miss (t.b.c.).

2.Three 0:30h parallel breakout sessions to get informed about the progress that Biorizon has made in its three research horizons: thermochemical horizon, sugar horizon and lignin horizon.

3.By popular demand, Biorizon has maximized the opportunity to arrange virtual matchmaking sessions that can be scheduled as from now. Meet representatives of the entire bio-aromatic value chain from all over the world!



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