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22.05.2018 Turku, Finland
SmartCHEM summit 2018 – Innovations and new business solutions for circular and bio-based economy
HACKATON/ BIOPEN WORKSHOP – theme tables to discuss sustainable bioeconomy

The SmartCHEM summit 2018 provides information about innovations in bio-based production and solutions for creating new business from side-streams. The event takes place on the 22nd of May 2018 in the brand new Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki in Turku (Finland). The event brings together major international companies, startups and universities from Finland and Europe and offers opportunities to share knowledge and innovations in the bio-based sector. The SmartCHEM summit 2018 is organised by the Turku Business Region, the Smart Chemistry Park. The event is part of the EU Green Week an official free side event of SHIFT Business Festival 2018.

The Smart Chemistry Park is a partner of the Horizon 2020/ BBI-JU project BIOPEN. Thus, the BIOPEN project together with IBC Finland arranges a mini Hackathon immediately following the SmartCHEM summit event to which all seminar attendees are welcome to discuss about challenges of bio-based production.

The SmartCHEM summit 2018 will be opened by different presentations of big and small bio-and circular economy companies. In a variety of ways the speakers will describe new business models for circular and bio-based economies and how to build up bio- and circular economy. In the afternoon, there is a mini Hackathon where different topics like “Biochemicals from wood based feedstocks” or “Bio-based solutions for surface treatment” are discussed. Each table will have a discussion leader who will collect all upcoming ideas. In the evening a get-together for SmartCHEM participants is organized at Aboa Vetus Ars Nova (Itäinen Rantakatu 4-6).
03.06.2018 - 08.06.2018 Hawkhills, Easingwold, UK YO61 3EG
BioBase4SME Innovation Biocamp
APPLY NOW for €7000 worth of fully funded, specialist training for you and your business. Join other new,innovative and ambitious companies for an intensive, week-long course that will give you the tools you need to help you commercialise your idea and grow your company.

Each session of the training programme will start with a lecture from an expert in a key aspect of business growth, followed by a group exercise mediated by an experienced facilitator. You will then apply the learning from the session to your own company and pitch to a panel of specialist investors at the end of the Biocamp.

Further information is availabe at or in the pdf below.
06.06.2018 - 07.06.2018 Viborg, Denmark
European Bio Economy Venture Forum
The European Bio Economy Venture Forum aims to support the world-wide efforts towards a green economy, while maintaining well-being within the limits of our planet and protection of human health and the environment.

UNDERLINES the importance of the waste hierarchy in supporting the transition to the CIRCULAR ECONOMY, starting with an increase in prevention, preparation for reuse and recycling of waste, and minimizing waste disposal, in particular through a significant reduction of landfilled waste.

Bio Economy includes:
Recycling of nutrients
Waste management
Food protein
Materials and more.

Bio Economy Definition as per European Commission's COM(2012)60:

‘‘The bio economy is encompassing the production of renewable biological resources and their conversion into food, feed, bio-based products and bioenergy. It includes: agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food and pulp and paper production, as well as parts of chemical, biotechnological and energy industries. Its sectors have a strong innovation potential due to their use of a wide range of sciences (life sciences, agronomy, ecology, food science and social sciences), enabling and industrial technologies (biotechnology, nanotechnology, information and communication technologies (ICT), and engineering), and local and tacit knowledge’’

The role of entrepreneurs, industry and investors is essential to the successful development of a knowledge-driven economy in the Bio Economy sector and the European Bio Economy Venture Forum will offer a unique platform for stakeholders to exchange knowledge and build long lasting business cooperation.

The BiOPEN Project has launched a ‘CALL FOR APPLICATIONS’ for SMEs in the bio-based sector, as part of the Tech Tour 2018. Interested parties are invited to apply now at and get the chance to network and pitch to a range of coaches, experts and investors coming from all over Europe! Deadline: April 30th 2018.
14.06.2018 CHEMPARK, Leverkusen, Germany
Unternehmerfrühstück - Innovation am Morgen: „Angewandte Biotechnik – Potenziale für den Mittelstand an den Beispielen Biokatalyse und Zellbasierte Technologien“
Ein anwendungsorientierter Austausch auf Einladung von TH Köln und IHK Köln,
14. Juni 2018, 08:30 Uhr - 10:30 Uhr

Moderne Synthesemethoden arbeiten im Einklang mit den 12 Prinzipien der Grünen Chemie. Der Einsatz von Biokatalysatoren ermöglicht nachhaltige Synthesen, die sich durch hohe Atomeffizienz und geringen Energieverbrauch auszeichnen. Neue biobasierte Intermediate für die pharmazeutische und chemische Industrie sowie für den Einsatz in Kosmetika und Nahrungsmitteln sind sowohl mit isolierten Enzymen als auch in Ganzzell-Biotransformationen zugänglich.
Um die biologischen Aktivitäten neuer pharmazeutischer und kosmetischer Wirkstoffkandidaten charakterisieren zu können, ist es essentiell, jeweils spezifische zelluläre Modellsysteme zu entwickeln. Zellsysteme, die dreidimensional ausgerichtet sind oder auf dem Einsatz menschlicher, induzierter pluripotenter Stammzellen beruhen, haben eine hohe Vorhersagekraft für die Wirkung im Menschen und ermöglichen es gleichzeitig, toxische Effekte zu ermitteln. Außerdem können prädiktive zellbasierte Modelle die Anzahl kostenintensiver Tierversuche einschränken.
In ihren Vorträgen skizzieren Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schörken und Prof. Dr. Nicole Teusch die Möglichkeiten der Biokatalyse und Biotransformation zur Synthese neuer Intermediate und die Herausforderungen neuer automatisierter zellbasierter Modellsysteme mit einer Vielzahl von Anwendungsbeispielen. Hierbei werden auch Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeiten aus den Arbeitsgruppen vorgestellt.
Ausgehend von den geschilderten Beispielen werden die Potenziale der an der TH Köln etablierten biokatalytischen und zellbasierten Technologien vor allem für den Einsatz im Mittelstand beleuchtet.
15.06.2018 RWTH Aachen University, Germany
3rd BioSC Spotlight Phosphorus recovery and cycling for an independent and sustainable bioeconomy
The re-use of the essential plant nutrient Phosphor is of great importance due to its unequal and limited global distribution, the deposition of phosphate in soil and water and the entry of heavy metals into food chains by mineral P fertilization. At the 3rd BioSC Spotlight, guests from academia and industry as well as BioSC members will present their latest research and discuss current developments and challenges of phosphorus recovery and cycling.

Keynote: Dr. Rainer Schnee, Budenheim KG /Deutsche Phosphor-Plattform e.V., Board of Directors

• Luxury uptake of phosphate by microalgae and cyanobacteria
• Phytases for phosphate recovery from plant residues
• Phosphate recycling in wastewater treatment
• Enzyme engineering & development
• Phosphate detection by Raman spectroscopy



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