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22.10.2018 Brussels, Belgium
High level event: Bioeconomy Conference
The emerging bioeconomy is moving from research niche to market norm and Europe needs to maintain its current global leadership. The update of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy is a major European Commission wide policy initiative which will be presented and discussed during the Bioeconomy Conference on October 22, in Brussels, Charlemagne building.

The conference will celebrate the launch of the updated EU Bioeconomy Strategy and action plan to enhance the transition in a changed EU policy context and towards a new environmental, social and economic reality. It will also set the scene for the start of the discussion about synergetic actions across different priority areas:
•support strategic research and innovation, and strengthen support for education and training,
•upscale the bio-based sectors, mobilise investments, support the creation of markets, develop better monitoring,
•encourage the adoption, update and coherence of national and regional Bioeconomy Strategies throughout Europe with citizens engagement,
•strengthen the understanding and resilience of land and sea ecosystems,
•monitoring and assessment of bioeconomy development

Registration will be opened early September.

29.10.2018 Aachen, Germany
4. BioSC Spotlight „Smart management of plant performance“
Plants are a major resource for sustainable bioeconomy. They provide
food, feed, and fiber to a growing world population and ensure the
renewable energy supply. In the frame of the 4th BioSC Spotlight, external
guests and BioSC members will present their research activities aimed at
contributing to sustainable agriculture by securing crop yield and quality
while reducing fertilizer and pesticide use. The event will bring together
experts of academia and industry in different disciplines.
• RNAi-mediated crop protection
• Priming-active compounds for sustainable disease management
• Natural selective inhibitors as novel potential herbicides
• Attract & Kill: a hybrid form of integrated pest management
• Innovative special fertilizers for improved crop performance
• greenRelease: a technology platform for sustained plant protection
05.11.2018 - 07.11.2018 Copenhagen, Denmark

07.11.2018 Brüssel, Belgien
BioBase4SME Event: Pitch Perfect and boost the European Bio-economy
The 'Pitch Perfect and boost the European Bio-economy' Event is a one-day event of pitching, intense cross-border matchmaking and networking, with the aim to create new partnerships for the future and the further development of innovative, cross-border and cross-sectoral industrial value chains in the bio-based economy. The organisers of the event are the BioBase4SME and Superbio projects.

This matchmaking and networking event brings together investors, SMEs, startups, about-to-be start-ups, scale-ups, large companies, and ROs as well as organisations offering relevant innovation services such as scale-up trials, application testing, business plan writing, feedstock analysis, life cycle assessment, social acceptance, etc.

Fifty 6-minutes PITCHING SLOTS are available on a first come first served basis. All participants are invited to submit an application for a PITCH. Pitch categories are biobased chemicals, biobased materials, food & feed ingredients, bio-energy and innovation services.

The MATCHMAKING are one-to-one meetings of 15 minutes aimed at finding new partners. The meetings can be scheduled in advance by an online matchmaking system, easy to use on a smartphone or laptop.

An exhibition area is foreseen with 10-20 booths, reserved for large enterprises, funding agencies, clusters, SME helpdesks and other innovation-related organisations.

08.11.2018 Oberhausen, Deutschland
DYNAFLEX®-Symposium: Flexible Lösungen für die Energie- und Rohstoffwende
Energie- und Grundstoffindustrie wachsen im Rahmen der Sektorenkopplung zusammen; Volatilitäten im Energiesystem und auf den Märkten beeinflussen zunehmend auch Produktionsprozesse. Um Energiewandlung und Produktion für hochvolatile Rahmenbedingungen zu gestalten, sind dynamische Modelle und digitale Plattformen für Energiewirtschaft und Produktion erforderlich.
Wissenschaftliche und anwendungsorientierte Entwicklungen zum Verständnis der Dynamik von technischen Systemen erhöhen Flexibilität und Adaptivität von Prozessen und Technologien – und sichern deren Wettbewerbsfähigkeit.
Im Rahmen des DYNAFLEX®-Symposium sollen über die Herausforderungen und Potenziale der cross-industriellen Vernetzung diskutiert, Forschungsansätze vorgestellt und aktuelle Fragestellungen erörtert werden.



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