HiPerIn2.0 - Exploratory phase


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One of the greatest strengths of biotechnology is the selective conversion of functional raw materials into High-Performance Ingredients of superior quality and with high value. The application of these ingredients ranges from personal & home care to the food, feed and nutrient sector, to high performance materials.


During the HiPerIn project (2016-2019), CLIB created essential networks, identified innovation hurdles, and initiated new projects in these fields. In 2019, these markets are still drivers for the bioeconomy. However, new challenges and disruptive innovations such as the increasing digitisation of biotechnology, the need for a circular economy, the integration of new materials and substances into a complex regulatory framework, and the end-of-life debate make it necessary to refine the concept in order to initiate HiPerin2.0. During the current exploratory phase, CLIB will evaluate how and in which way cross-sectional topics can enrich and support the project.


To actively integrate such cross-sectional topics, the exploratory phase also aims to identify new actors at the interfaces to other sectors and to include new innovative companies and researchers. Together with the existing network, HiPerIn2.0 can then focus on the most urgent hurdles and most promising products and create a lasting impact for the biotechnology scene in NRW.



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