News der Mitglieder

19.05.2015 LanzaTech CEO Holmgren Selected to receive the 2015 BIO Rosalind Franklin Award
The Rosalind Franklin Award was established by BIO to honor an outstanding woman in the field of industrial biotechnolog...mehr

13.05.2015 RED reform: European Parliament agrees to cap the use of traditional biofuels
In Brussels, the European Parliament, following the decision of the Environmental Committee one week earlier, has fin...mehr

12.05.2015 Fast Growth of Bio-based Polymers: Production capacity will triple from 5.1 million tonnes in 2013 to 17 million tonnes in 2020
Bio-based drop-in PET and the new polymers PLA and PHA show the fastest rates of market growth. The lion’s share of...mehr

05.05.2015 Europäisches Patentamt erteilt Patent zu c-LEcta’s Asparaginase
Das Europäische Patentamt hat das Patent zu einer von c-LEcta entwickelten thermoaktiven Asparaginase erteilt (EP219319...mehr

24.04.2015 BCNP eröffnet Büro in Köln
BCNP Consultants hat zum 1. April ein Büro auf dem BioCampus Cologne in Köln eröffnet. Das auf die Branchen Biotech, ...mehr



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