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21.08.2017bitop - Biohorma launches Ectoin® Ear Spray in the Netherlands
bitop is proud to announce that its new Ectoin®-containing Ear Spray has recently been launched by the successful Dutch partner Biohorma. Biohorma placed its product “Oorspray Oorsmeer” under the well-known “A. Vogel” brand.

The product is designed to treat symptoms of non-infectious inflammations in the outer ear, for prevention of otitis externa and earwax plugs, and for eased clearing of the outer ear canal.

Dr. Uwe Sonnemann, ENT specialist from Hamburg (Germany) explains why he sees a huge market potential for the product:

“Ear itching severely impairs daily life of numerous people worldwide. Reasons for ear itching are diverse and treatment is often challenging since products that contain pharmaceutical drugs do have well-known side effects while natural ear sprays are often not effective enough. bitop has developed an ear spray that fills this gap in the market. Their product “Ectoin® Ear Spray” proved its efficacy in reducing ear itch and other symptoms of inflammatory irritations of the outer ear canal on a safe, natural and very effective way. I feel very confident that the product will successfully establish itself on the OTC market within a short time.”

If you would like to be part of the success story of this innovative product, contact our business development team for more information:


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