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27.06.2017How to capture the bioeconomy’s industrial and regional potential through professional cluster management
Autors: Manfred Kircher (KADIB Kircher Advice in Bioeconomy), Roland Breves (Henkel KG & Co. KGaA), Andreas Taden (Henkel KG & Co. KGaA), Dennis Herzberg (CLIB2021 Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie e.V.)


The bioeconomy transforms the fossil-based economy by forming new value chains and linking until now distinct industrial sectors. It provides an opportunity for rural as well as industrialized regions. The transformation process can be accelerated by building bioeconomy clusters comprising industries, academia and investors. Using the model of the German cluster CLIB2021 the role of cluster organisations and professional cluster management in moderating the transformation process and gaining a competetive advantage is discussed. In addition examples of how cluster management supports the formation of an industrial consortium and the analysis of regional options are presented.


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