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26.06.2017Unbreakable material made of biopolymers - Evonik
Evonik and the Taiwanese company Sungo team up to create a drinking bottle made from more than 50 percent renewable raw materials, such as palm kernel and coconut oil.

Environmentally-conscious customers demand drinking containers that are reusable as well as made of sustainable materials. Evonik and the Taiwanese company Sungo have combined their expertise to manufacture a handy but sturdy drinking bottle made of high-quality sustainable material: the Ludavi bottle. The bottle is made of the transparent microcrystalline polyamide Trogamid Terra biopolymer by Evonik Industries. The biopolymer consists of more than 50 percent renewable raw materials, such as palm kernel and coconut oil.

A lightweight and indestructible biopolymer

The biopolymer Trogamid Terra by Evonik is lightweight and abrasion-proof, as well as resistant to heat and chemicals. That makes Ludavi equally suitable to hold either hot tea or carbonated sodas, and helps the product withstand the mechanical stress a drinking bottle typically encounters in its life cycle. Evonik and Sungo praise the innovative material of their product as well as the high-class appearance that makes it suitable for exercise and business environments alike. “It is no longer sufficient to offer functional design products”, says Ken Lu, General Manager at Sungo. He emphasizes the need for a two-sided benefit of new products: it should benefit the customer as well as planet earth.

One bottle for different countries and customs

Moreover, Evonik also considered the different requirements for the bottle performance in different countries and cultures. In Asia for example, many people drink hot beverages, so the material has been tested to be just as good in boiling-hot conditions, and chemically stable for all kinds of beverages. German specialty chemical company Evonik has a proven track record of generating mechanically stable plastics that are resistant to heat and chemicals as well as being environmentally friendly. “The combined properties of appearance and environmental aspects set our materials apart,” says Alexander Richter, head of the Consumer Goods market segment at Evonik. With this environmentally friendly as well as practical approach, Sungo and Evonik have created optimal conditions to establish Ludavi as a popular product in international sports departments and set a sustainable example for future manufacturers of every-day accessories.


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