07.11.2011BioTrends 2011 - New Biotrends to smarter drugs, Dortmund 08.-09.12.2011
The Biotrends 2011 International Congress will be held at Harenberg City- Center (HCC) in the centre of Dortmund in cooperation with TU Dortmund.

The aim of synthetic biology is to design artificial biological systems for novel applications. Two of the growing fields are pharmaceutical biotechnology and nanobiotechnology to target drug delivery.

From an engineering point of view the construction of biological systems of defined functionality in a hierarchical way is fundamental to this emerging field. From a pharmaceutical point of view the directed production of designed proteins and safe delivery of the recombinant protein to the site of interest is a prerequisite for an efficient drug. Pharmaceutical recombinant proteins are widely produced and have been introduced to clinics. But new possibilities offered by synthetic biology will show new avenues for the design, production and delivery of pharmaceutical proteins in the future.

For the first time this meeting will take the opportunity to highlight benefits and challenges of synthetic biological techniques like using artificial gene control elements, designing synthetic circuits for host optimization and assembling of genetic devices and modules. Such engineered cells will contribute to our understanding of the underlying design principles of living cells and will help to revolutionize our current concepts towards personalized medicine, gene therapy, tissue engineering and smart delivery systems.


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