CLIB2021 News

10.01.2019 3rd edition of the Imagine Chemistry
Nouryon launches the 3rd edition of the Imagine Chemistry, previously known as AkzoNobel Imagine Chemistry. New challenges are published on an open i...mehr

09.01.2019 edxcourse "Biobased Products for a Sustainable (Bio)economy!"
Only 1 week left! Register now and discover how fossil fuels can be replaced by renewable resources in the free edxcourse "Biobased Products for a Sus...mehr

07.01.2019 Ernst-Pelz-Preis & Förderpreis Nachwachsende Rohstoffe
Haben Sie, Ihr Unternehmen, Ihre Kommune oder Ihre Institution sich um die Förderung Nachwachsender Rohstoffe verdient gemacht? Dann bewerben Sie si...mehr



11.01.2019 c-LEcta announces two long-term industry collaborations
c-LEcta signed two long-term cooperation agreements at the turn of the year with material impact on the company’s future development. Both agreement...mehr

11.01.2019 Covestro: Nachhaltige Formulierungen für Kosmetikprodukte
Auf der Fachmesse Cosmetagora am 15. und 16. Januar 2019 in Paris stellt Covestro an seinem Stand Nummer 26 zum ersten Mal seine neue Baycusan® eco S...mehr

13.12.2018 c-LEcta: Successful transformation into a product company in 2018 with a promising outlook for 2019
c-LEcta continued its successful development towards becoming a product company in fiscal year 2018. Successful products marketed by c-LEcta itself su...mehr