The platform „Polyomics“ combines all relevant genome and postgenome technologies, i.e., genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics. It is dedicated to the genome-based development of new strains for the industrial production of biotechnologically relevant substances. ...more


The platform „Expression“ deals with the construction of new vectors and host strains allowing for overexpression, correct folding and efficient secretion of proteins with special emphasis on those which are difficult to express. Novel expression systems are established in microtiterplate formats and subsequently standardized. ...more


The „Biocatalysis” platform delivers reaction engineering to enable successful implementation of biocatalytic processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. High selectivities and mild reaction conditions are central, at which emissions and energy use can be reduced. ...more

Downstream Processing

Downstream processing has a major impact on the economic performance of biochemical manufacturing processes and may cause up to 80 % of the production costs. Major target of the platform “Downstream Processing” is to provide systematic methods and tools for the conceptual design and scale-up of economic separation processes for complex biochemical mixtures. ...more