Former R&D Projects

The following list gives examples of some of the projects promoted by CLIB.



  • Development of a biotechnological process for the production of functional carboxylic acids

Biotechnological pathways for functional polymer- and oligomer products; Microorganisms (yeasts and bacteria) as whole cell catalysts (BioCat)

  • Sub-project: Evaluation of the yeast systems Hansenula polymorpha and Arxula adeninivorans as whole-cell biocatalysts project description
  • Sub-project: Biocatalytic synthesis of hydroxylated compatible solutes project description
  • Sub-project: Optimization of Expression, Fermentation and Biotransformation by Application of Automated Micro Bioreactors project description

Polymere tensides

Adhesive Peptides

  • Sub-project: development and evaluation of innovative glewing concepts by applying highly functional peptides project description
  • Sub-project: development of a feasible expression platform for adhesive peptides project description

Innovative methodologies and technologies for downstream-processing


Microbial secondary metabolites


  • Fast quantification of proteins in complex biological systems for the optimization and monitoring of biological processes

Functional amines

  • Bio-oxidation and -amination technologies as platforms for functional amines as monomer building blocks
Chromatographic purification of natural products

CLIB-Graduate Cluster

Technology Platform Downstream Processing

Technology Platform PolyOmics

Technology Platform Biocatalysis

Technology Platform Expression

German-Russian Cooperation Network Biotechnology

Market study

  • R&D research cooperation options for the biotechnological conversion of renewable feedstocks

Synthetic biology

  • Optimization of production strains exemplified by the genomereduction of Corynebacterium glutamicum

High-throughput processes

  • Development of high-throughput processes for the production of active enzymes at the scale of microgram to gram


  • Biotechnological synthesis of carboxyamines and carboxyalcohols


  • Biotechnological synthesis of thermoplasts and natural rubber

Cell-free biosynthesis

  • Preparative cell-free eucaryotic system for synthesis of antibody fragments, post-translationally modified proteins and membrane-proteins


  • Accessing the synthetic potential of P450 Monooxygenases by the Autodisplay technology

More R&D-projects are currently under review.