16.01.2019 Alliance to end plastic waste
An alliance of global companies from the plastics and consumer goods value chain today launched a new organization to advance solutions to eliminate p...more

10.01.2019 3rd edition of the Imagine Chemistry
Nouryon launches the 3rd edition of the Imagine Chemistry, previously known as AkzoNobel Imagine Chemistry. New challenges are published on an open i...more

09.01.2019 edxcourse "Biobased Products for a Sustainable (Bio)economy!"
Only 1 week left! Register now and discover how fossil fuels can be replaced by renewable resources in the free edxcourse "Biobased Products for a Sus...more

07.01.2019 Ernst-Pelz-Preis & Förderpreis Nachwachsende Rohstoffe
Haben Sie, Ihr Unternehmen, Ihre Kommune oder Ihre Institution sich um die Förderung Nachwachsender Rohstoffe verdient gemacht? Dann bewerben Sie si...more

11.12.2018 The Commission calls for a climate neutral Europe by 2050
The European Commission adopted a strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy by 2050 – A Clean Pla...more