21.04.2011 CLIB Forum Cost factors in biotechnological processes
Visit our next CLIB forum on "Cost factors in biotechnological processes" on May 19, 2011 at LifeScience Center Düsseldorf....more

19.04.2011 Review CLIB International Conference 2011

On April 5&6, 2011, we welcomed 170 participants from 7 nations at the 2nd CLIB International Conference in Düsseldorf. In total, 29 pr...more

24.11.2010 Natural Rubber - options for biotechnology?
On 24 November, CLIB2021 hosted a panel on the topic "Natural Rubber - Options for Biotechnology?" The speakers, CLIB-members from academia and SME as...more

29.10.2010 The future role of industrial biotechnology in the chemical industry
On October 27th,2010 an innovative panel took place at the CLIB2021 head office in Düsseldorf. Speakers, presenting the chemical big industry, SME an...more