23.10.2013 Signed in Naples, during IFIB 2013, the MoU between CLIB2021 and Assobiotec, the agreement to promote stable relations between Italy and Germany
Assobiotec, the Italian Association for the development of biotechnology, which is part of Federchimica, and the Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie (...more

17.09.2013 Successful launch of the Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupon scheme for European SMEs
Over the last few months, the Bio Base NWE consortium has granted its first Innovation Coupons worth 10.000€ each to European SME’s with an innova...more

10.07.2013 SPIRE proposal acknowledged by EC Communication
Today the European Commission (EC) confirmed its strong commitment to the process industry by acknowledging the importance of Sustainable Process Indu...more

10.07.2013 €3.8 billion investment in biobased industries to boost growth and jobs in Europe
The Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC), a cross sector group of 48 large and small companies, has joined forces with the European Commission to set ...more

03.06.2013 Review: CLIB forum shale gas
Shale gas is currently a topic of high interest and intensively discussed. Even though the concern of brewers if shale gas may have an effect on the p...more