20.05.2014 Bio Innovation Growth megaCluster BIG-C launched in Düsseldorf
This morning, 10 leading public-private organisations in biobased innovation of North Rhein Westphalia, The Netherlands and Flanders launched BIG-C as...more

07.04.2014 CLIB2021 and FISCH sign LOI for strategic collaboration / BIG-C initiative introduced
In frames of the 2nd Economic Conference Flanders- North Rhine-Westphalia on 27th March at the SuperC of RWTH Aachen University, the clusters CLIB2021...more

16.01.2014 Call for Papers: International Bioforum 2014 - German-Russian Session
Every year the Pushchino Research Center holds the International School-Conference of Young Scientists „BIOLOGY - SCIENCE OF XXI CENTURY“. At this...more

13.11.2013 Dr. Thomas Schwarz now chairman of CLIB2021
After undertaking the operational management of the cluster CLIB2021 in February, Dr. Thomas Schwarz was now elected by an unanimous vote as chairman ...more

13.11.2013 CLIB2021 appoints new advisory board until 2016
The advisory board for the next three years was appointed at the extended board meeting. Following the slogan continuity and renewal two new members j...more