30.03.2015 New book published: Microorganisms in Biorefineries
„Microorganisms in Biorefineries“, edited by CLIB member Prof. Dr. Birgit Kamm from the Research Institute BioPos e.V. is the latest instalment i...more

19.01.2015 Report analyzes bioeconomy policy in the G7
The leading industrialized nations have all positioned themselves in the bioeconomy in the past five years. Politically, the bioeconomy is not only as...more

16.01.2015 Start-up Day at the 8th International Conference on Bio-based Materials
The 8th International Conference on Bio-based Materials (“Biowerkstoff-Kongress”), 13 – 15 April in Cologne, Germany, builds on successful pr...more

09.01.2015 CLIB goes full steam ahead
New members strengthen the Cluster CLIB has acquired several new members during the last few weeks, which bring new expertise to its membersh...more

24.11.2014 Bioeconomy – from Europe to the World
130 participants from 15 nations attend the CIC2014 This year's fifth international CLIB conference was deemed a resounding success by the org...more