25.04.2012CLIB2021 South East Asia office opened
Germany’s cluster for industrial biotechnology (CLIB2021) opened its South East Asia office hosted by Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, today. This is the next step in getting closer to important international partners in science and technology. “The challenges of the bio-economy require that the best partners worldwide are working together on solutions for the future. Our partners in Malaysia are important players in our bio-economy strategy,” says CLIB2021 chairman, Achim Marx.

The cluster is currently discussing the use of residual biomass for producing energy carriers e.g. jetfuel and chemicals with partners in Malaysia and Germany. At the 3rd International CLIB Conference “Pushing the Bioeconomy by Science & Technology”, participants will discuss how to accelerate the emerging bioeconomy by partnering academic science and industrial research in order to develop sustainable processes and competitive products.

Kuala Lumpur will become an exceptional example of how to combine South East Asian renewable resources, Malaysian and German excellence in science and technology and biochemical production in both countries. CLIB2021 appreciates the opportunity to open its South East Asian office in this forward looking community.

“As one of the newest addition into CLIB2021, BiotechCorp is honored to house its South East Asia (SEA) Office within our premises. With these linkages, BiotechCorp will be able to gain access into Germany and other European industrial biotechnology players and academia to actively share ideas and promote technologies that will position Malaysia as economic powerhouse in the SEA region. As Malaysia’s 4th largest trading partner; integration of R&D and commercial projects within the Bioeconomy Initiative Malaysia (BIM) will enhance the cooperation between Malaysia and the European Union” said Dato’ Dr Mohd Nazlee Kamal, CEO of BiotechCorp.

“Our engagement with CLIB2021 will be a good opportunity for Malaysia to promote our Bioeconomy Initiative agenda. This also marks a significant step in the commercialization phase of the National Biotechnology Policy (NBP), specifically towards realizing biotech in Malaysia as a global business,” he added.