15.02.2012Drayton Valley wins national award
Drayton Valley’s commitment to building a better world has been recognized by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The Town’s Sustainability Plan took top honours at the FCM’s Sustainable Community Awards handed out February 8 in Ottawa, Ontario.
Drayton Valley’s Sustainability Plan sets a number of goals to be met as the community moves forward at the one year, five year, 10 year and 25 year mark. The overall aim is to lay out a roadmap for a vibrant and sustainable community today and far into the future.

The Sustainability Plan began life as a document intended to remain in the Town office. But as it started to evolve it became obvious that something more was needed. To be truly successful the plan had to consider the needs and wants of everyone in the community.

Once the public was asked for input, the response, both to the process and to the plan itself, was fabulous. It became clear that everyone had ideas about where our community should be heading and what we should be doing in order to get there.

After much discussion the five pillars of sustainability were identified as:
• Health and social services
• Arts, culture and heritage
• Governance and partnerships
• Economic development
• The natural and manmade environment

There are details of those pillars, and what must be done to strengthen them, contained in the plan itself.

“It’s our belief that this plan lays out a road map that will guide our community toward a prosperous and sustainable future,” says Mayor Moe Hamdon. “This is a living document. It has been designed to remain flexible over the years to accommodate the changing needs and wants of our residents.”

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