09.09.2019“Crossing sectors - novel alliances in the bioeconomy”
The bioeconomy has always been an interdisciplinary and sector-crossing concept. But it is more and more expanding beyond its “classic” sectors of agriculture, forestry, energy as well as food and feed. Nowadays, bioeconomy is also spreading out to sectors like adhesives, chemicals, consumer products, and even steel. One driver for this development are unusual alliances - research collaborations that combine two or more sectors, building synergies between disciplines and experiences from different sectors and industries.

CLIB and DECHEMA jointly invite you to understand and discuss such novel alliances. What are the motivations behind such collaborations? Why did the stakeholders decide to join forces? What worked well, which hurdles arose? These and further question will be discussed during the event on 11 September 2019, 09:30 -13:00 h at the DECHEMA in Frankfurt am Main.

In the afternoon there will be the possibility to join a guided tour (13:00 -14:30 h) to the special exhibition "Shaping the Future - How will we want to live?" of the Senckenberg Museum. As the tour can only be carried out with a limited number of participants, please register separately for this event in the registration form.