21.02.20195 Dedicated Workshops at the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering: Financing, Digitization, Sustainable Chemistry, Additive Manufacturing and Chemistry Accelerators
The European Chemistry Partnering is a chemistry community for all stakeholders involved in the sustainable development of our prosperity and thus the transition to green chemistry and the bio-economy. Following pilot workshops in 2018, the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering on 26 February 2019 will, for the first time, focus on topics that have been identified by five of its partners and sponsors. The Workshops are open to all participants of the ECP - separate pre-registration is not necessary.

At the heart of the European Chemistry Partnering are the presentations, the so-called “Pitches” - and meetings, which can be pre-arranged by participants – called “Partnerings” or one-on-one meetings. With the Workshops a completely new format will be initiated. The Workshops are intended to invite participants to network and discuss content, to exchange information and experience, and to promote topics related to industry, politics and society in general. Thus, this year for the first time, the topics of strategic financing, digitization in chemistry, the consolidation of international networks under the aspect of sustainable chemistry, the use of chemistry accelerators to expedite innovation and the megatrend of additive production are on the agenda.

Holger Bengs, initiator of the European Chemistry Partnering, explains the new concept: "The Workshops are a first step in the further development of the ECP into a Think Tank for topics related to chemistry and chemical value creation. I am extremely pleased that we are now able to offer our Partners and Sponsors an attractive new platform for the sharing of information. “Chemistry makes the World go around” is my guiding principle. But chemistry can and must define itself again and again – in order to improve and reinvent itself. And, it’s doing that right now – this year's final panel, ´New plastics economy´ is already proof of this. And what’s more - it's taking place with the participation of the World Economic Forum."