02.12.2011CLIB Forum Alternative Jetfuels - Review
To our CLIB forum „Alternative Jetfuels - Role of Biobased Feedstock and Industrial Biotechnology” on November 17, we again could invite speakers who addressed the topic from different angles. We could enlist Dr. Alexander Zschocke, expert for biobased jetfuels of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, and Dr. Axel Kraft the division manager Biofuels of Fraunhofer UMSICHT. Prof. Dr. Rolf Thauer, MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology, closed the circle of presenters. He is an internationally renowned expert for anaerobic bacteria and especially for their energy metabolism.

Dr. Zschocke presented the need for alternative jetfuels, their certifications and current status. He underlined, that biobased jetfuels are an important building block for reducing CO2 emissions of the aviation industry.

Afterwards Dr. Kraft gave an overview of possible resources and processes for the production of synthetic fuels. He emphasized the necessity to develop methods based on resources that don’t require land use. At the same time he underlined the relevance of costs, since fuels compose about 30% of the operating coasts of the airlines.

Finally Prof. Thauer introduced the group of homoacetogenic bacteria and enlarged upon the metabolization of CO/CO2-gases like they accumulate in steel mills. He explained the advantages of utilizing gas streams, since the production of biofuels from plants would require a vast import of biomass to Germany.

Again, more than 30 guests visited us and had a lively discussion after the lectures. We would like to thank all participants of the event. For our CLIB members the presentations of the forum are available in our intranet.