24.08.2017Greenwin announces CO2 Value Europe
Greenwin is very happy to announce the birth of CO2 Value Europe , which will be officially created on 25 October, to become the ambassador and coordinator of the CO2 Utilization community.

Together with 28 other industrial and research partners, the organization has been heavily involved in the set-up of this new association because they strongly believe that the development of CO2 Utilization must be accelerated and that must better coordinate the efforts of all interested stakeholders along the CO2 value chain in Europe.

To have maximum impact in stimulating the development of CO2 Utilization, it is important that interested stakeholders from all the relevant sectors of the CO2 value chain be involved within CO2 Value Europe. Details are provided in our Flyer (PDF) and FAQ document (LINK).

Why become a member?
Organizations joining CO2 Value Europe get the opportunity to:
• shape the strategic orientations of CO2 Utilization policies at European and international levels;
• access first-hand information and share knowledge with other players across the value chain.

Who can become a member?
Membership is open to private companies, research organizations, universities, clusters, ports and territorial agencies, private investors, etc. Sectorial, thematic and/or network associations such as your organization are welcome to join as associate members.

When to join?
All interested partners joining before 22 September can be Founding Members.

Do not hesitate to contact Gilles Colson ( or Damien Dallemagne ( for more information.