16.09.2011CLIB Forum Industrial Biotechnology-potentials of synthesis gas fermentation
To the CLIB forum on Sep 08 at LifeScience Center Düsseldorf, CLIB welcomed 52 guests from Industry and academia, including several doctoral students from the CLIB-Graduate Cluster. Around the topic syngas fermentation, Dr. Achim Marx (Evonik Industries AG, CLIB2021), Dr. Gunter Harp (BFI), Dr. Stefan Jennewein (Fraunhofer IME) and Dr. Christian Leggewie (evocatal GmbH) gave very interesting lectures covering different aspects. In detail the lectures showed market potentials of the technology, investigated the utilization of gas stream from the steel production, analyzed the hurdles in the engineering of the organisms, and highlighted some molecular tools to overcome them. Especially the utilization of syngas fermentation for the production of alternative Jet Fuels was in the center of interest.
Right after the presentations the participants were invited to discuss the opportunities and threats of the technology in a SWOT analysis in two groups. The results of the analysis catalyzed the following joint discussion.
At the following “get-together”, the discussions were continued and dealt with in detail in smaller groups.
We sincerely thank the attendees and lecturers of the forum and hope that you could gather new impulses and contacts.