25.01.2017Bioeconomy on the move into markets - 170 participants from 14 nations at CIC2017
CLIB2021 launched its 10th anniversary year with a highlight: the seventh international CLIB conference (CIC2017). 170 participants from 14 nations, presentations from the development of biotechnologically and economically feasible processes to bio-based applications in home and personal care, and a high-profile panel discussion made this first international conference on bioeconomy in 2017 a good start of the year.

The CIC once again emphasised a change in thinking in the bioeconomy. In addition to aspects of sustainability, the individual lectures also highlighted an increasing number of market-driven aspects, which promote the future implementation of the bioeconomy into processes and products. A first-rate panel discussion concluded the first day of the congress, which was moderated this year by Dr. Ludo Diels (VITO). The panellists were Ms. Andrea Noske (BMBF), Prof. Stefanie Heiden (University of Osnabrück), Dr. Dr. Christian Patermann (former Director, EU Commission) and Dr. Roland Breves (Henkel AG & Co. KGaA), who discussed market requirements and the role of brand owners to ease biotech products into the market. Their discussion, but also many of the presentations during the day, emphasised that many wheels in business, science and politics, must be set in motion to bring bio-based products on the market.

"The CIC not only offers a forum to draw attention to these challenges, but also tries to define approaches to address them," said Dr. Thomas Schwarz, Chairman of the Board of CLIB2021. The conclusion of many participants was: "This is where old and new faces of the industrial biotechnology scene meet in a familiar atmosphere with an exciting congress program." Many participants also appreciated that the CIC again managed to let science and industry meet on an equal footing.