30.03.2015New book published: Microorganisms in Biorefineries
„Microorganisms in Biorefineries“, edited by CLIB member Prof. Dr. Birgit Kamm from the Research Institute BioPos e.V. is the latest instalment in the series Microbiology Monographs. The book describes how plant biomass can be used as renewable feedstock for producing and further processing various products. Particular attention is given to microbial processes both for the digestion of biomass and the synthesis of platform chemicals, biofuels and secondary products

Several chapters have been co-written by CLIB members, including Arkady Sinitsyn and Alexandra Rozhkova from the Russian Academy of Sciences, A.N. Bach Institute of Biochemistry; Lars M. Blank from RWTH Aachen and Birgit Kamm and her colleagues from the Research Institute Bioactive Polymer Systems e.V.

Topics covered include: new metabolic pathways of microbes living on green plants and in silage; using lignocellulosic hydrolysates for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates; fungi such as Penicillium as host for the production of heterologous proteins and enzymes; bioconversion of sugar hydrolysates into lipids; production of succinic acid, lactones, lactic acid and organic lactates using different bacteria species; cellulose hydrolyzing bacteria in the production of biogas from plant biomass; and isoprenoid compounds in engineered microbes.

The book is available from Springer publishers: