24.11.2014Bioeconomy – from Europe to the World
130 participants from 15 nations attend the CIC2014

This year's fifth international CLIB conference was deemed a resounding success by the organisers. 130 guests from 15 countries came to Düsseldorf to discuss among scientists and industrialists from around the world about bioeconomy entering industrial practice.

"The focus this year was on the implementation of a bioeconomy in NRW, Flanders and The Netherlands. The presentations, but also the discussions at the conference, emphasised the importance of this biotech hotspot in the heart of Europe, which has motivated visitors from across the globe to join us." said Dr. Thomas Schwarz, Chairman of CLIB2021.

In collaboration with VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) and BE-Basic (Biotechnology-based Ecologically Balanced Sustainable Industrial Consortium), the conference had a clear focus on the region around NRW, Flanders and The Netherlands. Despite, or maybe because of this focus, guests from 15 nations attended the conference to learn how the bioeconomy can be implemented by all actors together. The chemical use of CO2 and process gases, or the conversion of lignocellulose to fine chemicals were among the topics debated. The cross-border initiative BIG-C, a regional consortium from NRW, Flanders and The Netherlands, also played an important role. A final session on trends and markets closed the conference and provided all participants with a view on other continents and regions. Many participants voiced the same conclusion: “An interesting and informative conference; definitely benefitted from attending."