10.07.2013SPIRE proposal acknowledged by EC Communication
Today the European Commission (EC) confirmed its strong commitment to the process industry by acknowledging the importance of Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency public-private partnership (PPP) as a powerful tool to deliver on innovation and growth in Europe. The Communication on PPPs in Horizon2020 intends to strengthen the industrial engagement in Horizon2020 and outlines how the strengths of the PPP concept will be enhanced. The PPPs are expected to contribute to generating sustainable growth and put Europe back on track in the race for global competitiveness.

CLIB is one of the founding members of ASPIRE and has been actively involved in the working groups Horizontal and Feed, which cover a number of relevant topics of the cluster. By the end of July, the Commission will conduct their final evaluation of industry proposals against the criteria established under the Horizon 2020 Regulation. Subject to this final positive evaluation, a SPIRE Contractual Arrangement (in the shape of a Memorandum of Understanding) will be concluded between the Commission and A.SPIRE, the organisation representing the industrial partners behind SPIRE, setting out the PPP’s global and specific objectives, commitments, key performance indicators and outputs to be delivered within the period of seven years from 2014 to 2020. The Commission will aim to conclude this arrangement in time to launch SPIRE activities at the beginning of 2014 as Horizon 2020.