22.04.2013CIC 2013 Conference – Biotech from across the world comes to visit CLIB
Numerous experts from a total of 12 nations followed CLIB2021’s invitation and joined CIC2013 in Düsseldorf from 17-18 April to learn about and discuss current issues in industrial biotechnology.

Dr. Achim Marx, as chairman of CLIB2021, welcomed the guests and introduced not only the current topics which CLIB is helping to bring forward on the international scene, but also the structural changes in the cluster. Due to the growing range of tasks, the Executive Board had decided to strengthen the CLIB office with additional technical expertise. Achim Marx welcomed Dr. Thomas Schwarz as new cluster manager of CLIB, and wished him success in the work ahead. Thomas Schwarz, a founding member of CLIB, started to shape the work of the CLIB office in early spring 2013 in his new capacity of cluster manager and was actively involved in shaping this year’s conference. Achim Marx stressed that he was looking forward to their future cooperation.

In the following welcome address, NRW Science Minister Svenja Schulze pointed out that the strong chemical industry in North Rhine-Westphalia is an important driver of the bioeconomy and that CLIB2021 promotes this process with high commitment. "North Rhine-Westphalia is the Chemistry Region # 1 in Germany. In many areas we can look back to over 100 years of tradition - both in research and in industry, "she said, welcoming the national and international guests from science and industry. On the road to sustainability in business and industry, the bio-economy is an important tool and key to solve many of the problems today. The bioeconomy can develop solutions to major societal challenges such as climate change and resource efficiency, health and demographic change.
"The bio-economy offers both technological and socio-political solutions," said Minister Schulze. This applies for instance for the change from a petroleum towards a bio-based industry. "We have great hopes that step-by-step we will succeed in this important task for the future.” She stated that it was no coincidence, that the "OECD Biotechnical Statistics Report 2010" rated NRW as the most innovative biotechnology region in Europe. The Minister thanked all those participating in CLIB2021 and concluded, "With this conference, you make an important and welcome contribution to the networking of stakeholders and disciplines."

This year’s conference program ranged from feedstocks, to biotechnological process innovations to concepts for the implementation of the bio-economy in different countries of the world. In addition to the numerous technical presentations, the conference again welcomed fellows from the CLIB-Graduate Cluster, who impressed the audience with the research results achieved in their thesis work so far. At the end of the first day, Dr. Dr. hc. Christian Patermann, the father of the European bio-economy, moderated an evening panel with guests from industry and academia to discuss the future use of carbon flows.

Guests and organizers agreed that the CLIB conference once again proved to be a focal point for the industrial biotechnology.