12.02.2013Review CLIB Forum Cosmetic Ingredients
On 24 January, CLIB organized our first forum in 2013 named “Cosmetic ingredients from renewable resources“. As a great start for 2013, this forum attracted 40 participants not only from Germany but also from other European countries. Among them 17 were non CLIB members, which reflected the increased popularity of our forums even outside of CLIB membership.

Member of CLIB Executive Board, Dr. Thomas Schwarz gave a welcome note and introduced the program. The first talk ”Bioprocesses for novel high-value biochemicals” was held by Dr. Georg Lentzen, bitop AG and he introduced their technology platform based on extremolytes, a group of small molecules that accumulate in extremophiles, where they act as osmoprotectant solutes. bitop produces ectoin, glycoin and hydroxyectoin, which are used as functional ingredients for anti-aging skin cream, nasal spray as well as bio-stabilizer. He also introduced the company Isobionics that produces isoprenoids for fragrances and flavors through a proprietary fermentation process.

Dr. Edgar Ahn, CSO of Graz based plant engineering company BDI - BioEnergy International AG presented his talk “Production of Cosmetics Ingredients by Algae - potential & technological challenges from an industrial plant manufacturer’s perspective”. Beside their main business at biodiesel and biogas, the company is also doing research on the production of high value cosmetic ingredients from algae. As an example he presented the pigment astaxanthin from Haematococus pluvialis that can be successfully produced in a closed reactor system. However Dr. Ahn also mentioned some big challenges algae based production systems are facing, such as high purification costs & contamination dangers.

The last lecture was given by Dr. Hansjürgen Driller from Merck KGaA about “Sustainable approaches for future cosmetic raw materials”. He emphasized the importance of sustainable processes and gave a brief view of Merck’s strategy about it. He presented several projects of the cosmetics department, in which processes were optimized for sustainable production, or in which the product carbon footprint was evaluated.

At the end, a new CLIB member Resindion S.R.L. was invited to give a short introduction, as an established tradition for our CLIB forums. a. Resindion, represented by Paolo Caimi (COO), produces functionalized polymers for application in purification and biocatalysis and is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation based in Binasco (Milan area) Italy. They work in close cooperation with the central laboratories of the parent company. After the presentation series, the participants took the opportunity for networking with each other.

As usual, the slides of the presentations are available in the CLIB member area.