24.08.2012Russian technology platform Biotech2030 presented to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev
On initiative of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, an informal meeting with leading Russian experts from economy and science on innovation development of agriculture and energy industries was held. At this meeting, Prof. Vladimir Popov of the Bach Institute in Moscow presented the Russian technology platform “BioTech2030”, which is designed as a tool to facilitate collaboration between government, economy and scientific institutions.

The technology platform “BioTech2030” covers several subject areas of biotechnology. Besides industrial biotechnology, areas like agriculture, environment, forestry, fishery and nutrition are addressed. More than 50% of the 160 national and international members are major enterprises or SMEs. CLIB2021 is an active member of the platform and contributes to the composition of the advisory board and to the support of international cooperation. In this regard a meeting between CLIB member LanzaTech and representatives of the Russian Energy Agency could be organized recently in the frameworks of the international activities of “BioTech2030”.

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