01.08.2012CLIB brings New Zealand Technology to Russia
In July, CLIB2021 initiated a meeting between CLIB member LanzaTech from New Zealand, representatives of the Russian Energy Agency (REA) and leading Russian energy experts in Moscow. Dr. Sean Simpson, co-founder of LanzaTech presented a new technology which focuses on the fermentation of syngas to ethanol.

This new technology platform promises the cost competitive production of bulk chemicals and renewable fuels. Feedstock flexibility is an important asset of this process, as biomass or even industrial side streams can be utilized. The latter application has already been successfully implemented in a pilot plant at the Baosteel steel mill in Shanghai. It has been running since earlier this year with the capacity of 100,000 gallons ethanol per year and uses unpurified off-gases directly from the steel process.

Vladimir N. Baskov, Deputy General Director at REA, was interested in LanzaTech’s technology to utilize renewable resources in Russia. “Applications utilizing peat are very attractive for Russia.” stated V.N.Baskov. “Current peat reserves are estimated at 200 bn tons and increase by 400,000 tons annually. The implementation of small-scale plants in the Russian Federation’s rural areas is promising. ” judged the REA representative.

Dr. Simpson responded to REA’s interest and will deliver economic data, which will be used to judge the chances of implementation.

“CLIB were able to co-ordinate an excellent interaction that brought together a diverse yet highly relevant panel of leading scientists and senior officials from the Russian Energy agency. The meeting highlighted the variety of large-scale feedstocks opportunities available in Russia as well as break-through technologies being developed by members of the REA.” stated Sean Simpson.