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24.06.2013  ARTES Biotechnology and Midas Pharma signed Cooperation Contract
ARTES announced the collaboration with Midas for strategic marketing opportunities. Aim of the cooperation is the findin...more

20.06.2013 Siemens and LanzaTech partner to transform steel mill off-gases into bioethanol
Siemens Metals Technologies and LanzaTech have signed a ten-year co-operation agreement to develop and market integrated...more

23.04.2013 ARTES Biotechnology issued New Patent in Australia for VLP Technology
ARTES Biotechnology specialized in microbial cell line and process development as well as in technology transfer for pha...more

12.03.2013 Direvo reaches milestone in consolidated bioprocessing of lignocellulose to lactic acid
Direvo Industrial Biotechnology GmbH (Direvo) today announced that it reached an important milestone in developing a con...more

07.03.2013 Bio-based polymers - Production capacity will triple from 3.5 million tonnes in 2011 to nearly 12 million tonnes in 2020
Bio-based drop-in PET and PE/PP polymers and the new polymers PLA and PHA show the fastest rates of market growth. Th...more