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05.12.2011 Symposium Biocatalysis EMPA 2012, January 18, Dübendorf
We would like to announce an event of our CLIB-member EMPA: With the 2nd 1 Day Symposium on Biocatalysis held at...more

10.10.2011 m2p-labs offers new Automated Fermentation Platform with Market Leader
m2p-labs reach a new milestone and offer a new automated fermentation platform with the market leader in laboratory auto...more

11.07.2011 m2p-labs receives Grant for new Fed-Batch Screening Technology
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) sponsors the “Smart Dosing” project for the development of int...more

23.06.2011 Uhde and c-LEcta announce exclusive alliance to optimize and commercialize technology for the production of renewable lactic acid
c-LEcta is happy to announce the execution of an exclusive cooperation agreement with Uhde GmbH, one of the world’s le...more

31.05.2011 m2p-labs on course for growth
m2p-labs reaches break-even point, thanks to a strong demand for technology in 2010. Strengthened by good sales figures,...more