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30.01.2014 c-LEcta announces grant of a European technology patent
The industrial biotechnology company c-LEcta today announces the grant of a European technology patent protecting one of...more

09.01.2014 Worldwide WPC production in 2012 reaches 2.43 million tonnes - Double-digit growth, North America leads China and Europe
The Fifth German WPC Conference was held on the 10th and 11th December 2013 in Cologne. It lived up to its claim to be E...more

05.12.2013 TNO, VITO & Green Chemistry Campus launch Biorizon
Today, TNO, VITO and the Green Chemistry Campus launch Biorizon >> The Way to Aromatics. This Shared Research Center is ...more

26.11.2013 Biocomposites: 350,000 t production of wood and natural fibre composites in the European Union in 2012
The most important application sectors are construction (decking, siding and fencing) and automotive interior parts. Bet...more

21.11.2013 KETS: transforming innovation into competitive product
In this edition of Business Planet the focus is on the relatively new concept of KETS. As the programme’s reporter, Se...more