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27.10.2015 Can the Bioeconomy Deliver Solutions for the Global Microplastic Problem?
Plastic particles can be found in air, soil, rivers and lakes, and especially in the marine environment. Plastic part...more

22.10.2015 InnProBio website launched to help promote innovative bio-based products
As of today, InnProBio, the Forum for Bio-Based Innovation in Public Procurement, can now be found on the world-wide ...more

22.10.2015 m2p-labs again supports iGEM project in synthetic biology
The Microbioreactor Company promoted the successful team of the RWTH Aachen University at the international iGEM competi...more

12.10.2015 Sustainable Fuels, Chemicals and Polymers from Sun and CO2
The usage of carbon dioxide, among experts referred to as “Carbon Capture & Utilization (UCC)”, is gaining moment...more

08.10.2015 Global bioeconomy in the conflict between biomass supply and demand
How much biomass can be sustainably produced globally in 2050? How much of the demand for food, feed, materials, bioe...more