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01.08.2016 c-LEcta enzymes allow efficient production of Human Milk Oligosaccharides
Together with its industrial partner, the Danish biotech company Glycom, c-LEcta has developed new enzymes for the prod...more

22.07.2016 evoxx technologies – biotechnology for healthy nutrition
Biotechnology companies evocatal and aevotis have merged, forming evoxx technologies to focus on the development of e...more

22.06.2016 Evonik commercializes biosurfactants
  • Evonik is the first company able to use biotech methods to produce surfactants on an industrial scale.
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03.05.2016 c-LEcta presented its expertise in carbohydrate modifying enzymes at the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology
Parts of c-LEcta’s recent development projects on enzymatic production processes for carbohydrate ingredients were pre...more

06.04.2016 Winners of the Innovation Award "Bio-based Material 2016" announced
Yesterday evening, the Innovation Award "Bio-based Material of the Year 2016" was awarded to three innovative materia...more