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03.05.2016 c-LEcta presented its expertise in carbohydrate modifying enzymes at the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology
Parts of c-LEcta’s recent development projects on enzymatic production processes for carbohydrate ingredients were pre...more

06.04.2016 Winners of the Innovation Award "Bio-based Material 2016" announced
Yesterday evening, the Innovation Award "Bio-based Material of the Year 2016" was awarded to three innovative materia...more

31.03.2016 c-LEcta sponsors national Biotech event - Deutsche Biotechnologietage 2016
One of the most important national events for the entire Biotech sector, the “Deutsche Biotechnologietage 2016”, ...more

17.03.2016 French President Mr. Hollande visits BIOMILLENIA
French President Mr. Hollande visited the laboratories of BIOMILLENIA during the inauguration of the Pierre-Gilles de Ge...more

14.03.2016 New Edmonton biorefinery to convert non-food plant oils, fats into renewable transportation fuels
An Edmonton company is reaching the final stage of its project to build a biorefinery that will convert non-food canola ...more