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02.06.2017 Evolva in contract negotiations with the US government for funding to advance nootkatone against Zika
1 June 2017 – Evolva (SIX: EVE) confirms a media report stating that the Company is negotiating a sole-source contract...more

30.05.2017 Covestro achieves a breakthrough in research - Key chemical now derived from plants
Covestro has scored a research breakthrough for the use of plant-based raw materials in plastics production: aniline, an...more

16.05.2017 “Bio-based Materials of the Year 2017” Announced
Winners are packaging materials based on agricultural residues from BIO-LUTIONS (DE), new generation paper bags from ...more

09.05.2017 Placing Your Bio-based Material on the Market – Standardisation Activities and Labels in Europe
New trend report highlights certifications and labels for bio-based and biodegradable materials for the European market....more

27.04.2017 c-LEcta’s Enzyme enabled a novel enzyme cascade - the synthesis of biopolymer precursors
The economic synthesis of valuable compounds by multi enzymatic transformations is gaining more and more attention. This...more