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19.09.2018 Senbis Polymer Innovations develops marine-degradable biobased fibers to prevent microplastics in the sea
The disposal of microplastics in our environment has gained considerable attention in the last years as a threat that ca...more

19.09.2018 Bio-Gründer Wettbewerb 2018
Die Preisträger des Bio-Gründer Wettbewerbes 2018 stehen fest. Sieben Teams aus ganz Deutschland stellten über 100 G...more

13.09.2018 Six innovative companies from four countries are nominated for the “Future Protein Award”
For the first time, the “Future Protein Award” will be awarded during the conference “Revolution in Food and Bioma...more

11.09.2018 New super-plastic with positive eco-balance
Covestro and its partners have developed a high-performance thermoplastic (HPT) that could be used in many industries in...more

06.09.2018 Die Bitop AG feiert ihr 25-jähriges Jubiläum am neuen Standort in Dortmund
Die Bitop stellt sogenannte Extremolyte her. Das sind niedermolekulare Wirkstoffe, die aus extremophilen Mikroorganismen...more