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01.02.2012Certification by TÜV-Nord – c-LEcta proves high quality standards
c-LEcta has successfully obtained a certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 by TÜV Nord – covering all company divisions – from Research & Development to Production and Product Sales. In the audit conducted at the end of 2011 no deviations were detected.

Marc Struhalla, Managing Director of the c-LEcta GmbH stated: “In recent years, we have in cooperation with our industrial partners transformed numerous development projects into successful products. Along the commercialization path of enzyme projects, c-LEcta usually assumes the pivotal role as enzyme producer. For being a reliable part of the value chain as development partner and supplier, one very important step for us was to implement an efficient quality management system. With the certification by TÜV Nord this step now was successfully accomplished.”