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20.12.2011BRAIN and Autodisplay Biotech cooperate
Zwingenberg and Düsseldorf, December 06, 2011: The white biotechnology company BRAIN AG and Autodisplay Biotech GmbH have announced a co-operation to develop innovative cellular screening systems today. The strategic collaboration aims at using the benefits of the exposition of cosmetically relevant human target molecules on the surface of screening cells in the search for new cosmetic actives.

BRAIN cooperates with Autodisplay Biotech, a technological leader in bacterial surface expression of proteins, a move which perfectly complements BRAIN’s own screening systems and thus strategically expands the company’s technology platform.

For BRAIN the collaboration announced today represents another important milestone in its corporate strategy to intensify co-operation with technology companies in order to drive forward the research and development of novel
cosmetic actives.

For Autodisplay Biotech co-operating with BRAIN paves the way for a consistent further development of its own technology. The use of the surface expression technology and its direct application constitutes a tailor-made solution
for the identification of bioactives within the project.

“The co-operation with BRAIN once more proves that Autodisplay Biotech has successfully employed its technology in the past to build up a valid, industrially relevant screening system, opening up new opportunities for difficult-
to-access targets in particular. Thanks to BRAIN’s internal resources - bioactives and natural substances - we can now quickly find and find new active ingredients and explaind the methods of action,” says Dr. Ruth Maas, CEO of Autodisplay Biotech.

“This strategic co-operation helps us tap into an immense potential for synergy, which will make those human target molecules in particular accessible to an intensive BioActives screening which would not be accessible using
traditional technologies,” explains Dr Jürgen Eck, Chief Scientific Officer of BRAIN AG. “Screenings for new modes of action, a core competency of white biotechnology, have been at the top of BRAIN’s agenda for many years as they offer an immense potential for growth. This is why we are looking very much forward to intensively using and jointly advancing the
synergies resulting from the co-operation between the two companies.”