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05.12.2011Symposium Biocatalysis EMPA 2012, January 18, Dübendorf
We would like to announce an event of our CLIB-member EMPA:

With the 2nd 1 Day Symposium on Biocatalysis held at Empa, Dübendorf we invite participants from industry and academia to address recent trends and developments in applied enzyme catalysis and bioprocess engineering. The meeting will serve as a forum to stimulate scientific networking and interdisciplinary exchange between participants from diverse areas of interest, including the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, cosmetic, textile, detergent, wood, paper and biosensor sectors. The symposium points also to the emerging role of enzymes in the production and modification of classical and advanced materials.


Enzyme Engineering
Enzymes and Materials
Redox Biocatalysis
Multistep Enzyme Reactions
Biocatalyst Screening
Selective Biocatalytic Hydroxylation Reactions
Detergent Enzymes
Carboxylation Reactions

Program & further information: