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10.10.2011m2p-labs offers new Automated Fermentation Platform with Market Leader
m2p-labs reach a new milestone and offer a new automated fermentation platform with the market leader in laboratory automation ‘Tecan’. The product will be launched and presented on the m2p-labs booth E14, Hall 9, at the Biotechnica fair in Hannover during 11th-13th October 2011. With the integration of the BioLector® in the liquid-handling system ‘Tecan Freedom Evo’, m2p-labs automate the Upstream Bioprocessing (fermentation). The combination of the micro-fermentation system BioLector with the pipetting robot from Tecan now allows the parallel processing of 48 up to 1920 parallel fermentations. The complete system consisting of BioLector and ‘Tecan Freedom Evo’ is offered under the brand ‘RoboLector’ by m2p-labs. The RoboLector enables highly parallel online monitoring of all relevant fermentation parameters such as biomass concentration, pH and DO and at the same time the bioprocess operation in fedbatch or simply automated induction or sampling.

Through the ‘live-monitoring’ of the bioprocess, researchers gain for the first time detailed process information already in the early bioprocess development. “We managed to develop a unique platform to accelerate clone screening and early bioprocess development. The RoboLector platform has the capability to replace most of the common and very laborious experiments in stirred-tank fermenters”, said Dr. Frank Kensy, Managing Director of m2p-labs GmbH. “The combination of high-throughput, online-monitoring and simple, automated handling provides an intelligent solution for complex questions in bioprocess development and life-science research.”

With the development of the RoboLector m2p-labs directly respond to the demand from pharmaceutical and chemical industry as well as from biotech companies for automated high-throughput fermentation systems. The systems can be applied in clone screening, media and fermentation optimization and can be operated in batch, fedbatch and repeated fedbatch mode.