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30.11.2016c-LEcta completes development of Antibiotic-free Bacillus Production System
Since the occurrence of antibiotic resistant strains is a growing problem, authorities such as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) strive to implement strategies to avoid the use of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance markers in industrial bioprocesses like the production of food and feed enzymes.

Therefore, researchers at c-LEcta successfully developed a Bacillus production system with selection markers free of any antibiotic resistances. With this highly efficient strains it is demonstrably possible to yield target enzymes in amounts of > 10 g/L fermentation broth under industrial process conditions. Hence, c-LEcta’s unique Bacillus platform, which is based on strains used for the production of products with GRAS status, provides another breakthrough for consumer safety in the sustainable fermentative production of food and feed products. With further regard to its expertise in regulatory affairs c-LEcta is an established partner of the industry for the biotechnological production of food enzymes and food ingredients.

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