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22.07.2016evoxx technologies – biotechnology for healthy nutrition
Biotechnology companies evocatal and aevotis have merged, forming evoxx technologies to focus on the development of enzymes and carbohydrate ingredients for the functional food market (nutritional health & wellness). A strong patent protected technology platform enables the evelopment and marketing of exclusive carbohydrate oligomers /polymers for the global food market.

Monheim am Rhein and Potsdam, 21st July 2016. Following the acquisition of aevotis GmbH by evocatal GmbH in January 2015, the two are now legally merged and operating as evoxx technologies GmbH with the vision to become a leading provider of innovative enzyme and carbohydrate products for the food market (nutritional health & wellness). “In the functional food market we see an increasing demand for novel ingredients with strong scientifically supported health benefits”, describes Dr. Thorsten Eggert, Managing Director (CEO). In order to meet the needs of its customers, the food industry needs novel and multi-functional ingredients which are in line with recent scientific findings and studies on healthy diets. “The combination of convenience and health is required” states Martina Doering, Managing Director (CSO). “Modern consumers expect food delivering health benefits without changing taste and eating behavior” Ms. Doering continues.

evoxx technologies GmbH will use its competitive enzyme and carbohydrate development expertise in applications where high sugar content (sucrose, glucose, fructose, etc.) and/or inadequate amount of dietary fiber requires a solution. The company’s vision, as summarized by Dr. Eggert, is “within the next three years, evoxx will bring more healthy carbohydrates into the glass and onto the plate of the consumer by using enzymes and ingredients from the evoxx pipeline”.

Notwithstanding the new market focus, evoxx will ensure continuity in cooperative projects with customers and partners. The proprietary technology platform of evocatal and aevotis will still be applied by evoxx technologies to develop tailor-made enzymes and processes for various industries. evoxx technologies plans to enhance production capability to supply enzymes on an industrial scale for current and future customers.

About evoxx technologies GmbH

evoxx technologies GmbH, a German Industrial Biotechnology Company, is focusing on the development and production of industrial enzymes and novel carbohydrate ingredients produced by enzymatic bioconversion. With its proprietary enzymes and carbohydrate ingredients, evoxx is active in high growth markets addressing consumer needs in the Global Food Health & Wellness Sector and Consumer Products Markets. Product development is based on the proprietary technology and patent platform covering the whole value chain from early enzyme and process development to industrial scale production and product deregulation. evoxx industrial partners and customers benefit from the unique metagenomics libraries, the enzyme and carbohydrate development skills and tech-transfer and production capabilities. evoxx is located on the Creative Campus in Monheim am Rhein and on the Biotech Campus Hermannswerder in Potsdam.