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10.11.2015m2p-labs Appointed New Global Sales Director
For ten years m2p-labs operates successfully in the European Life Science market from its Headquarters in Germany. Focusing on the North American and Canadian clients the company opened its US office in January 2012. From now on, Matthias Eggers with over 18 years of experience in sales strategies and business development, will expand the leading microbioreactor technology into more international markets.

Mr. Eggers’ appointment is part of m2p-labs’ wider regional sales support strategy, in which the company is promoting its products via different sales channels in three geographical regions: Europe including Middle East, North America and Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific is the company’s newest sales region and is supported by a number of established distributors covering countries such as China, India, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan.

Commenting on his new position, Mr. Eggers said: “I am very pleased to be leading the sales operations at this exciting time for the company as there are lots of growth opportunities.” Carsten Müller, Managing Director, said: “Matthias Eggers is a strong addition to the management team and I am confident of his success in achieving our plans for growth. With his extensive experience in managing sales strategies he will allow us to continue effectively promoting and supporting our intelligent micro fermentation systems for screening and bioprocess development.”

m2p-labs is a worldwide leading supplier of microbioreactors. The company’s product portfolio comprises the BioLector®, the RoboLector® (automation) and the disposable FlowerPlate® (microtiterplate). This technology enables customers to increase their number and information of microbial experiments (aerobic, microaerophilic and strict anaerobic) and to conduct experiments with greater efficiency, better quality and lower cost than in any other cultivation platform.