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03.11.2015Definition, Calculation and Comparison of the “Biomass Utilization Efficiency (BUE)“ of Various Bio-based Chemicals, Polymers and Fuels
Experts from nova-Institute, industry and several European Universities developed a new approach to support policy and investment decisions on which feedstock – process – product combination to choose. The Biomass Utilization Efficiency (BUE) analysis is a quick and easy metric, which answers two important questions regarding the bioeconomy and bio-based chemicals: How efficiently is biomass utilized? What share of biomass ends up in the final product?

Kerstin Iffland, the main author of the nova-Paper points out: “We anticipate the relevance and importance of insightful BUE calculations will increase as the bio-based chemical industry adapts to growing economic and material competition for resources. This paper shows that it is important to combine the right molecule with the right process in the right application."