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22.04.2015nova-Institute and Patentopolis announce partnership
nova-Institut GmbH, Germany, and Patentopolis BV, The Netherlands, enter into a cooperation agreement regarding dissemination, TEE and IP (Intellectual Property) management in European projects for the bio-based economy. They will offer their joined expertise in upcoming projects, expanding their services for innovation research, new enterprises and start ups.

Bringing new bio-based processes successfully to the market requires not only the right technology, but also the fitting mix of dissemination, techno-economic evaluation and intellectual property management. Both experienced players in the bio-based economy with different fields of expertise, nova-Institute and Patentopolis have decided to offer their combined services to enable improved market uptake of innovative bio-based technologies.

For the techno-economic evaluation of innovative industrial processes, often only limited data is available. nova-Institute has recently developed a new methodology for techno-economic evaluations (nTEE) in the cases where energy and material flows from process simulation models form the principal data source. Hosting several conferences and workshops revolving around topics of the bio-based economy every year and being very active in the dissemination of several European research project, nova-Institute is an expert in B2B communication and provides a variety of tools and services for companies and project consortia.

Patentopolis BV has developed and successfully commercialized frameworks and tools since 2009, which help companies design and implement IP strategies in their own innovative environments. Patentopolis team (~20 years of IP experience on average) operates across industries and technological fields.

Thanks to this new partnership, nova-Institute’s know-how in techno-economic evaluation, market research and dissemination will be combined with Patentopolis’ expertise and tools regarding IP management. Patentopolis and nova-Institute look back at 20+ years of experience in their respective fields and are both looking forward to this new partnership with their combined skillsets to support young enterprises and start-ups in the bio-based economy.

“We are very excited about establishing a new cooperation with nova-Institute,” says Dr. Arnaud Gasnier, CEO of Patentopolis. “This synergy is a 100% match for EU project partners, where dissemination and IP matters go hand by hand. In the coming months, we seek to launch new initiatives to reinforce this synergy and further build awareness in our respective industries. We will further develop and offer services and tools in the area of innovation consulting, which could well serve the bio-based economy and beyond.”

Michael Carus, founder and managing director of nova-Institute sees many opportunities in the future: “We are delighted about the partnership with Patentopolis, as our expertise in dissemination, B2B communication, techno-economic evaluation and market research and their excellent knowledge of intellectual property rights issues complement each other perfectly. We are very much looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!"