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31.03.2015Direvo Announces the USPTO Issuance of a Patent Claiming the Use of Enzyme Mixes In Biorefineries
Today, Direvo Industrial Biotechnology GmbH announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for the optimization of bioethanol production and its co-products based on enzyme technology. With its thirty claims, the US patent 8,962,286 leverages Direvo's BluZy® products across a range of applications vital to the economics of the bioethanol industry.

The patent describes enzyme-based technologies which are used to improve the economics of biorefineries with an emphasis on ethanol production from corn. "The $50bn US corn-ethanol market has long sought easy-to-implement and cost-efficient technologies to improve the economics of biorefineries" says Jorg Riesmeier, CEO of Direvo. "There are several parts of the process where economics can be improved and this is exactly the place where our BluZy products have a significant impact."

Direvo is developing a portfolio of BluZy® products targeting process efficiency, yield and co-product quality. Furthermore, the enzyme technology offers a multitude of other possibilities; Direvo is working on targeting applications in the animal feed and animal health markets. "At Direvo, we can rely on decades of expertise and know-how complemented by a strong patent portfolio bringing innovation to the market and building successful businesses", announces Riesmeier.