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20.01.2015German enzyme company evocatal GmbH acquires the majority stake of Potsdam based carbohydrate specialist aevotis GmbH
Monheim, Germany and Potsdam, Germany 19. January, 2015. New white biotech Partnership combines unique enzyme development and biotranformation technology platforms enabling new differentiated ingredients for global markets.
The acquisition solidifies existing collaborations in enzyme development, production and use of enzymes for development of innovative raw materials, such as carbohydrate oligomers, polymers for use in food and non- food industries. The new one-stop shop will provide technology solutions based on enzymes and enzymatic biotransformation processes and products.

The resulting company combines unique and competitive expertise in development, production and use of industrial enzymes in the manufacture of value-added carbohydrate ingredients. Enzymatic conversion of industrial side and waste streams and development of innovative raw materials is a main focus.

For evocatal, this investment is a clear forward integration along the value chain targeted at the development and launch of new products addressing both the rapidly growing health and wellness sector and personal care as well as non-food applications. aevotis GmbH gains access to a broad enzyme library as well as in-house enzyme development and production capabilities.

„The technology and product platform of aevotis is an ideal strategic fit to the evocatal business“, says Dr. Thorsten Eggert, CEO evocatal GmbH. „evocatal has focused on enzymatic modification of polymers for various fields of application. Carbohydrate biopolymers are strategically vital to many markets and enable us to successfully compete in the food and health & wellness segments. For food applications, aevotis is bringing in rich experience, especially in market understanding, positioning, production, and regulatory approval of new ingredient products.“

aevotis successfully licensed its first product for food application to a US-based multi-national ingredient company and another for non-food uses to a UK-based company. „We will continue licensing and partnering models in product development“, stated the founders and CEO’s of aevotis, Dr. Volker Landschütze and Martina Döring. „The merger with evocatal will speed up the transition from development to market launch. Most importantly, we will combine aevotis’ patent protected technologies and licenses to our products with production and supply of the respective enzymes, from small to industrial scale.“

Interest in carbohydrate oligomers and polymers is increasing due to their functional and nutritional properties as dietary fibers with health promoting effects. Production of novel carbohydrates by enzymatic bioconversions is based on sustainable raw materials.

The purchase was completed on 1st January 2015. Further details of the transaction have not been disclosed.

For more information please contact:

evocatal GmbH
Dr. Michael Puls
Alfred-Nobel-Str. 10
40789 Monheim am Rhein
Tel. +49 2173 40994 12
Fax +49 2173 40994 40

aevotis GmbH
Martina Döring
Hermannswerder 20A
14473 Potsdam
Tel. +49 331 2000 110
Fax +49 331 2000 111

Background evocatal GmbH
evocatal GmbH is an industrial biotech company focusing on the development and production of tailor-made biocatalysts for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Apart from contract development work evocatal provides proprietary enzymes to be applied in existing production processes of customers, enhancing sustainability and efficiency. Customers are flavour and fragrance manufacturers, cosmetics and personal care companies as well as textile and building materials industry. evocatal GmbH is located in Monheim am Rhein, Germany.

Background aevotis GmbH
aevotis GmbH was founded by Martina Döring and Dr. Volker Landschütze as Management Buy Out from Bayer BioScience GmbH and is located with a highly qualified and experienced team on the Biotech Campus Hermannswerder in Potsdam, Germany. The core competences of aevotis lie in the targeted enzymatic bioconversion of raw materials (simple sugar, carbohydrate containing waste and side streams from agricultural and industrial processing) into value added carbohydrate products, their characterisation, purification and application. In collaboration with a global ingredients player, aevotis developed its first product, a slowly digestible carbohydrate for food uses, to marketable stage in less than 2.5 years. Marketing and sales are in the hands of the exclusive licensee. The second development, a novel carbohydrate polymer, was licensed out to a world-wide ingredients company for non-food and personal care applications. In parallel to collaborations with industry partners, aevotis continued research and development activities aiming at new carbohydrate products and broadening of the technology and patent portfolio.